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Truelove is a pet brand that is now recognized all over the world for its high-quality product creation and branding.The new color of the high-performance dog harness [Colorado Harness], which uses even higher-quality materials in its lineup, is finally here! ! Last year, it was released as a special dog harness that was only available in Truelove USA and the EU, and is now very popular at Bestie. be toldCORDURA® fabricIt is a water-repellent harness that uses a fabric called Cordura 700D, so you can wear it without worrying about rainy days or playing in the water. In addition, the shape and lightness are gentle on the range of motion of the active dog's body and on the trachea. It is an ideal dog harness that supports up to.

Shiba Inu (11kg) wearing size M


[Truelove] High Performance Series Authorized Importer Bestie LLC.


Photo Credit :  @rayk1120 @shiba_yuzu_927 @05obu22 @honeybeeaco

Truelove Colorado Harness Truelove Colorado Harness

  • *Prices vary depending on the size below.

    Chest <girth>

    XXS: 22.86 - 33.02cm

    XS: 32.0 - 42.92cm

    S: 42.92 - 55.88cm

    M: 55.88-69.08cm

    L: 69.08 - 81.02cm

    XL : 81.02 - 106.93cm

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