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Our Story


We are Bestie !!

We established our company in April 2020, with a theme of “Adventure with your dogs”.

Our company was named after our bestie and your bestie, because our goal is to support you to have a great time with your bestie (your best friends, family, dogs, cats or anything and anyone special to you) in your life.


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My Story

Nice to meet you, this is Bestie.

Under the theme of "Adventure with your dog!", We want to make the time with your dog even more enjoyable with your most important Bestie = best friends (family and friends with your dog and friends). It is a company that was established in April 2020 from the thought.

From the abundant nature that can be nurtured from the four seasons unique to Japan, Tokyo, where we have loved our good partner dogs for a long time and coexist with the world's rare big cities and nature, and its unknown charm and diversity. We are sending out exciting ideas.

I want you to be with me all the time, and I want to go to various places. However, the environment surrounding pets can be said that Japan is still a developing country. There are few places to go with, and there are overwhelmingly insufficient products and services that really consider pets such as dogs. There are camps and activities that you should be able to enjoy with dogs and pets, and even shelters in the disaster areas affected by unprecedented disasters. Overseas, you can take the train together and go to a hotel, a restaurant, or anywhere without hesitation.


That's why we decided to do it. However, in order to realize the ordinary daily life with such pets, we must fundamentally change the way of thinking, especially Japan's business first. Pets are not tools. It is a fact that not only living body sales but also business-oriented, unwilling companies who say that they can sell because they are pets are widespread.


Currently, as the first step, we have started activities with Lit to Howler, who agreed with the original product. Our handling, additive-free snacks for pets using "phantom Okutama Yamame" (Okutama Yamame, a specialty of Tokyo, the one using mountain stream fish is the first in the Japanese pet industry) and the brand "Litto" from Los Angeles, USA "Howler" is not a pet supplies store, but is developing as an official dealer in Japan, focusing on customers who want to enjoy with their pets and who consider pets as their life partners.


We would like to ask for the support of facilities where you can spend time elegantly, tourist resort facilities where you can enjoy outdoor activities, and on-site first facilities that value staff as well as customers and pets. And above all, we value each other's brand image and hope that you can grow up with us.


We would like to share fun activities and ideas with you.It all comes from unique and rich nature of here in Japan, diversity in Tokyo combined with unknown nature in the metropolis, besides our love for dogs as our forever partners since ancient times.


We, you and dogs are together anywhere, anytime.

However, Japan is still one of underdeveloped countries for pet-friendly activities or services.

We have many pet-free facilities and services in Japan including something should be perfect to enjoy with pets (eg camping fields, outdoor activities). Even in the disaster area, they do not have enough pet shelters and support.


On the other hand, pet-friendly overseas, we can go anywhere with our partners by trains, in hotels, at restaurants without hesitation. That is the reason why we decided to take a step to change the stigma of dogs / pets. To make. Our dream comes true, we need to change profit-minded business style in the pet industry. Pets are not tools. In Japan, there are a lot of trader selling animals and pet products only for profit or as a fashion. This is a sad fact.


Now we are taking actions and expand it with our original Okutama Yamame pet snacks and partnership with Litto Howler.


Based on our goal, we would like to offer these products to only customers, companies and facilities agree with our theme. You must have your goal or theme as well. Have an irreplaceable moment with your pets, value the employees as an company, pet -friendly outdoor activities, sightseeing with pets and so on. We hope the products are going to be a help for your achievements and develop both of your and our theme together.


  • Let us be a part of the love for your besties!


Bestie llc

CEO Hideaki Tanaka

COO Hiroko Tanaka     

Overseas Div. Rie Ogawa


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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