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Use a real rock climbing rope that can withstand all adventures. I've seen many dogs fall out of harnesses and collars. This leash is a perfect backup even if the harness or collar should come off. Clip the shorter leash to the collar or harness you want to apply pressure to, and the longer leash will release the pressure. All-handmade dog leash 10mm thick ultra-high quality rock climbing rope, oxide metal O-ring and ultra-lightweight aviation aluminum carabiner weighing only 24g are accidents that open the carabiner with the same auto-lock specifications as rock climbing To prevent. With various measures taken from the handle to the end of the carabiner, the leash boasts a load capacity of 500 kg, making it the safest and most durable leash in all unprecedented situations. And if you use a separate Kenzo connector, you can wear it around your waist or body as a crossbody fit, making it the most ideal leash to experience hands-free walking. Made in USA 🇺🇸

Litto Howler Kouten Leash Litto Howler Kouten Leash

  • 4ft:121.92 cm(¥15,950 税込) 

    5ft:152.40 cm(¥17,743 税込)   

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