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The Litto Howler Explorer Pack is a compact, ideally sized crossbody bag with easy access to everything you need for your dog adventure, whether it's a walk or a hike. Not only is it durable and water resistant, but the parts that come into close contact with the body are made of a mesh material with excellent breathability to provide a comfortable feel even in hot weather. Adjustable straps can be used on both the right and left shoulders, are fixed while fitting to the body, and are wide and adjustable

Possible shoulder straps relieve pressure on the shoulders of heavy loads. You can also use it as a handbag by removing the main strap and storing it in the velcro strap on the back. The versatile storage system consists of three external zipper compartments, four separate pocket compartments inside and a large pocket compartment on the back for additional storage, with double zippers in the two main compartments accessible from either left or right. Is possible. There are also plenty of straps for hooking carabiners and other accessories throughout the pack and D-rings for mounting equipment, which is very convenient. Comes with a removable lithowler patch for other uses such as velcro. Made in USA 🇺🇸


Photo Credit:  archer__thecorgi

Litto Howler Explore Pack

  • 27.94 cm (H) | 9.90 cm (W) | 19.81 cm (L)

    * Warning

    Do not clip your pet to the strap of the pack.

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