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The same quality as steaks from famous restaurants! Why don't you bake the finest steak that is juicy outdoors and crispy outside?
To use it, put an iron plate on the gas stove and heat it over high heat. If you draw oil and smoke comes out, it's low heat, and then it's really easy to bake.
The same iron frying pan with good thermal conductivity used in the shop, the iron plate with a thickness of 5 m stores heat, and even on low heat, the meat can be cooked and delicious steaks can be cooked.

A mini iron plate that weighs 1 kg and is A5 size and can be carried compactly. No charcoal is required as it can be easily set by simply placing it on a burner or stove. A help item that allows you to quickly bake meat and fish deliciously. Made in Japan 🇯🇵

Yokozawa Teppan / Adventure Supplies

SKU: 36523641234523
  • ① When using for the first time, oil it and boil it in the air. Then cool and wash.
    (2) Warm the iron plate with a gas stove or gas stove.
    ③ When oil is drawn and smoke comes out, reduce the heat to make it a simmer.
    ④ Bake, bake the meat anyway. Turn it over in a few seconds.
    ⑤ After use, remove dirt and oil with a trowel or paper rather than washing with water before storing.
    ⑥ Cover the attached oil paper or kitchen paper ぢ iron plate and put it in a special bag.
    ⑦ It is easy for the meat to stick to it until about the third time you start using it, but it will gradually become familiar and difficult to pull, so please grow it.
    Let's grow your own iron plate.

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