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Bestie Import Agency Program

Estimating our import system is simple and stress-free! !!

We will transport your important vehicle from the United States home country safely and securely under strict checks by our professional local staff. In addition, we understand all the costs from purchase to import / export and embarkation, as well as support and conformity maintenance for troublesome procedures such as import / export procedures, customs clearance procedures, various inspections in Japan, registration, etc. We will offer it at a reasonable price easily. Regarding requests, we purchase vehicles through our own route that has been involved with the United States for many years, and based on a relationship of trust through sufficient discussions with customers, if there is a request, we can customize by a famous shop builder in the United States. I will make my dream come true. In addition, we support your American car life such as maintenance after purchase and vehicle inspection.


We are proud that only Bestie can enjoy importing various products from the United States as well as imported cars and experience Only One for our customers. Please feel free to contact us.

Items you want to import:

The transmission is complete.

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