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2021-FW Limited Limited Collection Glacier Ice Color is finally dropping in Japan! This is a one-time valuable series. This limited edition color will be available in limited quantities only at the Bestie showroom (over-the-counter) and online store from today, and we are not accepting additional orders as in the home country. Please note that it will end as soon as it runs out.


This versatile leash connector is not only for hands-free walking, wrapping around your waist or hanging on your body, but also for training recalls by connecting two dogs to both ends of the connector. It can also be used as an excellent tool, such as connecting a leash to a bar stool when going out, or connecting a connector to a table or chair so that dogs and their owners can spend comfortably when eating. .. All-handmade dog leash 10mm thick ultra-high quality rock climbing rope, oxide metal O-ring and ultra-lightweight aviation aluminum carabiner weighing only 24g are accidents that open the carabiner with the same auto-lock specifications as rock climbing To prevent. With various measures taken from the handle to the end of the carabiner, the leash boasts a load capacity of 500 kg and is the most secure under all unprecedented situations.

The most durable leash connector.

* When measuring the length of the Kenzo connector for hands-free walking, wear a jacket or sweater and check the size that the connector fits (waist or sash).

Made in USA 🇺🇸

Litto Howler Kenzo Connector Litto Howler Dog Leash

  • 3ft:91.44 cm (¥8,800 税込)

    3.5ft:106.68 cm (¥9,592 税込)

    4ft:121.92 cm(¥10,395 税込) 

    4.5ft:137.16 cm (¥11,220 税込)

    5ft:152.40 cm(¥11,990 税込)

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