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1955 Volkswagen Beetle Classic Type-1, Perfect BUG For Sale vehicle with 1st career at the BUG JAM Car Show in Florida. The tuned engine is Aluminum Full Flow Block 2276cc, Forged Super Big Bore Piston x Barrel Kit 94 x 82mm, Fk-10 Cam, 48idf Redline Weber, Geneberg Oil Pump 30 full flow, Super Pro Cylinder Head 45 x 37.5, Super Race Rod 5.5 Length , Racing push rod tube, oil pump 4 quart temperature control oil cooler, Magnus Spark distributor, Rancho transmission, Koni suspension (front and rear), front disc brake, A1 exhaust, chrome, paint, interior, etc. American builders are amazing. !! It's just one word. It is unlikely that you will see such a vehicle, and the price is realistic, so there is a high possibility that it will be sold out soon in your home country, but if you are interested, please contact us. It will be delivered in about 2 to 3 months after ordering, but this vehicle is currently in stock in the United States, and even after purchase it will be sold out locally due to time difference problems etc. Please contact us as soon as possible as there may be cases. If you have any questions or details about the vehicle or import agency, please contact us using the quotation request form. 

1955y Wagen Beetle Type-1 Classic

  • ・ Year: 1955 Manufacturer: Volkswagen Beetle

    ・ Model: TYPE-1 Oval Window

    ・ Mileage: 30,000 miles Displacement: 2,276 cc Mission: MT

    ・ Exterior color: Balanced Blue Interior color: Brown / White

    Show quality winning Oval, Balanced and blue printed

    2276cc engine with Aluminum full flow block, Mahle forged super big bore pistons x barrel kit 94 x 82mm, Fk-10 cam, 48idf redline webbers, Geneberg oil pump 30 full flow, Super pro cylinder heads 45 x 37.5, Super race rods 5.5 length , Racing push rod tubes, Oil-sump 4 quart, Temperature controlled oil cooler, Magnaspark Distributor,

    Rancho Transmission, Koni Shocks all around, Front disc brakes,

    New 2 inch adjustable beam with all new parts including steering box, ISP gauges RPM, oil pressure / Temperature and air / fuel, Bango steering wheel, Cool ryde shifter, A1 exhaust, Rims and tires like new.

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